Carl Frampton's Thoughts on Michael Conlan's Comeback After Knockout Loss

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Carl Frampton's Thoughts on Michael Conlan's Comeback After Knockout Loss || Super Admin

In a recent bout between Michael Conlan and Luis Alberto Lopez, Conlan suffered a devastating fifth-round knockout loss. The defeat has raised questions about Conlan's ability to make a successful comeback, and former world champion Carl Frampton believes it will be an uphill battle for the Irish featherweight.


The Knockout Loss: Conlan vs. Lopez

Conlan, an 18-2 fighter with 9 knockouts, faced off against IBF featherweight champion Luis Alberto Lopez at the SSE Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Despite his efforts to keep Lopez at bay, Conlan struggled to evade the Mexican's powerful uppercuts. Lopez's ability to close the distance and unleash his devastating punches made it virtually impossible for Conlan to maintain a safe distance.

Throughout the fight, Conlan found himself under constant duress, which gradually wore him down. By the fourth round, he appeared exhausted and vulnerable. In the fifth round, after being hurt by a right hand, Conlan was unable to withstand Lopez's subsequent onslaught. It was clear during the break between rounds that Conlan was already a beaten fighter, and his chances of lasting the full distance were slim.

Conlan's Recent Boxing Record

The defeat to Lopez marks Conlan's second loss in his last four fights. Prior to facing Lopez, Conlan also suffered a knockout defeat at the hands of Leigh Wood in 2022. These setbacks have led to doubts about Conlan's ability to compete at the world level.


Carl Frampton's Assessment of the Fight

Carl Frampton, a highly regarded former world champion himself, closely observed the Conlan vs. Lopez fight. Speaking about the matchup, Frampton acknowledged the challenges Conlan faced and praised Lopez's skills. Frampton recognized the unorthodox style and angles from which Lopez attacked, making him a formidable opponent.

While Conlan fell short against Wood, Frampton still believes Conlan possesses the talent to be a world-class fighter. However, he acknowledges that it will be a difficult task for Conlan to make a comeback given his age and the reluctance of champions to choose him for voluntary defenses.


The Challenges of a Comeback for Conlan

Conlan's age, currently 31, adds an extra layer of difficulty to his comeback journey. As a fighter looking to regain his status, he must overcome the hesitation of champions to face him voluntarily. In order to work his way into a mandatory position, Conlan might face a lengthy process. Even then, he would need to defeat strong contenders to earn the coveted #1 spot.



Michael Conlan's knockout loss to Luis Alberto Lopez has raised doubts about his ability to mount a successful comeback in the featherweight division. Carl Frampton, a respected figure in the boxing world, acknowledges the challenges Conlan faces but still sees potential in him as a world-level fighter. However, the path to redemption will not be easy, considering his age and the difficulty of securing fights against top-ranked opponents.


Q: Can Conlan recover from this knockout loss?

A: Recovering from a knockout loss is never easy, but it is possible. Conlan will need to regroup, learn from his mistakes, and work on improving his skills and strategy. With determination and the right guidance, he can bounce back.

Q: How did Lopez manage to dominate the fight?

A: Lopez's success in the fight can be attributed to his ability to close the distance effectively and land powerful uppercuts. He displayed an unorthodox style and attacked from various angles, making it challenging for Conlan to keep him at bay.

Q: What are Conlan's chances of becoming a world champion?

A: Conlan's chances of becoming a world champion depend on his ability to make a successful comeback and secure fights against top-ranked opponents. It will require consistent victories against tough contenders and an opportunity to challenge for a world title.

Q: Will Conlan's age hinder his comeback?

A: Conlan's age, currently 31, does present an additional challenge. In a highly competitive sport like boxing, younger fighters often have the advantage in terms of stamina and recovery. However, with proper training, dedication, and strategic planning, age should not be a definitive factor in Conlan's comeback.

Q: How important was it for boxing to return to Belfast?

A: The return of boxing to Belfast holds significant importance for the local community and boxing enthusiasts. It not only provides a platform for talented fighters like Conlan but also rejuvenates the boxing scene in the region, fostering a sense of pride and excitement among fans.

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